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Corporate Consultancy Service

Corporate Consultancy Service

.Corporate Consultancy Service
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In today’s business world, where corporate are trying hard to cut down their overhead expenses & many small businesses managing without sufficient administrative staff for profitable growth. The alternative pursued is either extra work hours for the owners or often part-time inexperienced personnel. Recognizing the need, we having ‘’been there- done that ‘’ background can help relieve the extra-long hours, the stress, worry and the frustration that goes with managing part time help. We provide the help you need without the accompanying increase in fixed overhead expenses. Our Corporate Consultancy Service can come handy in areas related to:-

  1. Statutory compliance :  We can help with your statutory compliance like STPI,DIC, Shop Act license, Provident fund Organization, ESIC etc.,
  2. Project Management : Sourcing optimum Office space requirement, planning  your office setup including architecture, supervising office setup operation.
  3. Building lease and purchase negotiation
  4. Renovation of facilities
  5. Incubation setup: Managing  daily Administrative operation during your gestation phase providing the required bandwidth for you to focus on core  business.
  6. Import – export documentation – STPI units
  7. Reverse partnership: Management of client resources on our payroll on short term,project specific basis to attain better administrative efficiency and scalability
  8. Corporate events : Assist in arranging corporate meetings, conference & strategic meeting helping with venue, setup and arrangement.
  9. Staff welfare : Arranging excursion, annual events, gifts, ERT training, etc., 

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